Nowadays, conflicts among countries and regions still exist; however, harmony and development remain the main trend all over the world. People want to have a safe and harmonious life, so that monitoring products for day and night become more and more necessary needs of current society. Security is the first, which destines that day/night monitoring products will surely have a great market prospect.

Foshvision night vision products have already been widely used in many fields like frontier defense, police, oilfields, railway, harbor, forests, and other surveillance occasions in domestic and foreign markets.
Now Foshvision company sincerely recruits distributors or distributors for all products around all the countries and regions around the world.

Seven advantages of cooperating with Foshvision  :

1.Unique Product
Only with unique and sole tech products, a company can survive under serious competition. After many years of research and development, Foshvision finally find a way of himself and develops Laser Night Vision products and Infrared Thermal Imaging camera products, which has improved long distance monitoring and surveillance at night.

As economic recovers, people’s consciousness of life has been increased, the demand of night vision products will also be rapidly expanding. Portable Laser Night Vision Video Recorder can be used for police in obtaining evidence; PTZ Intelligence Laser Night Vision Camera and Thermal Imaging Camera can be used for day/night monitoring. All the products have unique advantages that can not be replaced by others.

2.Strong R&D ability
Foshvision has a R&D team of more than 50 engineers, which includes doctors, masters and senior engineers to do product R&D; Foshvision also has a manufacturing capacity at 50000 pcs night vision cameras per year; with stable development trend and standard management, Foshvision is the strong backup force for distributors. 

3.Favorable Competition
With the thought of “grow together with customers”, Foshvision supports its distributors (cooperators) at a great extent. Foshvision makes strict area programming and carries out authorized agencies, which at most guarantee the competitive capability of distributors.

4.Strong Advertisement
Foshvision pays much attention to its brand construction. We use many advertising ways to promote Foshvision image. Foshvision will continuously attend domestic and international exhibitions and shows; it put many efforts on advertisements on security magazines; Foshvision also take part in product recommendation conference and user experience; by using website, Foshvision introduces its products to customers in a much direct way; of course, we can hold other activities together with distributors. 

5.Marketing Advantage
Foshvision has a good sales and marketing team of high level and has a mature marketing mode, which is appropriate for different kinds of sale. The distributors will have latest news and support of the company’s activity, training etc.

6.Good Quality
Foshvision has strict quality control system during manufacturing. All the products are in compliance with GJB9001-2000 quality system and ISO9001 Certificate, which make sure that every product’s quality is the best.

7.Service Support
Foshvision carries out product strategy like this: free warranty for 1 year; maintenance for the whole life. If there are something wrong with the products, we’ll provide you with maintain service. Foshvision will hold sales training or technical training periodically, which will at most protect distributors’ profits.
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