Boundary & Perimeter Security Solution
Boundary and Perimeter Video Monitoring System
Release date: 2016-08-19          
1. System Overview
In recent years,the advanced night vision technology and thermal imaging technology has gradually been introduced to video monitoring system of boundary and perimeter surveillance system.
Foshvision company developed intelligent monitoring system based on years’ experience and advance laser night vision camera,infrared thermal imaging camera and intelligent video analysis technology. This system can be used on video monitoring and satisfy the requirement of large monitoring range,strong concealment,around the clock work,damp proof,anti-corrosion,anti-lightning,etc.
2. System Composition 

3. System Features
  ■ Around the clock video monitoring,unaffected by rain,snow,fog and smoke.
  ■ Excellent automatically focusing technology,can realize kinds of focusing and triggering mode
  ■ Thermal imaging cruising preset function,leave out the trouble of manual zoom.
  ■ Front-end realize active recognition and intelligent tracking of intruder,quicker and more efficient.
  ■ Moving object perimeter intruder alarm informing,acousto-optic alarm and message informing
  ■ Auxiliary system of police arrest,record the criminal suspect escaping path

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