Urban Security Solution

Dynamic Monitoring of Urban Security Program

With the development of safe city construction and police technology, many places are seeking to built a "social security dynamic networked digital surveillance system" to prevent crimes, and it can effectively protects the personal and property safety of urban residents. With the advances in technology and back-stage management system, safe city monitoring system will bring more security to people, and help realize the harmonious peace of the whole city and even the whole country. After the completion of the dynamic surveillance system using the most advanced laser night vision cameras, the Public Security Bureau, the traffic police brigade, Enforcement Bureau, Urban Management Bureau and other departments can share the video at the same time, not only can it save large quantity of resources, but also raise the level of cooperation between departments in security administration. 
At present, most of the devices are qualified for the daytime monitoring, but the infrared LED lights which are widely used in night monitoring have the disadvantages of short monitoring distance, short working life, unsatisfactory imaging effect, etc, and can not fulfill the job. Laser night cameras developed by Foshvision Corporation have made good use of the laser technology and are widely used in security monitoring of many big cities, providing a satisfactory service for users.  
The Safe City video surveillance program has covered  the key junctions and places, city altitude vantage, mobile surveillance vehicles, and other front-end video capture, using optical fiber and ADSL network transmission, compatible with CDMA and 3G wireless transmission, back-end display and control system uses a hierarchical display and control, highlighting the intelligence and other technical characteristics.

System Features

Advanced high-definition laser night vision systems, work around the clock Power off memory, protocol adaptive, intelligent image enhancement integrated intelligent behavior analysis system, alarm in a timely manner, to achieve prevention Embedded system platform, to achieve real digital high-definition real-time monitoring Powerful system management software, distributed storage, multi-level system cascade, supportive for Wi-Fi access Flexible networking, to facilitate the expansion Front-end outdoor equipment protection class IP66, high-reliability design, resistance to harsh environments

System Structure